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Wedding guest books are a fun way for guests to share a little message with the bride and groom. Years after your wedding you can look back to see everybody that attended and celebrated one of the happiest days of your life. It’s just an extra memento in the attempt to freeze time because the day goes by so fast. If you’re looking for wedding guest book alternatives and if you have a beach theme wedding, then you might consider a surfboard guest book. If both the bride and groom surf, that makes it extra special and personalized. Hanging your surfboard guest book above your fireplace or bed might get a little more use and admiration than a more traditional wedding guest book.

Of course, you might not want to get a full size surfboard for your surfboard guest book. That might be a little cumbersome and also a tad pricier than a display surfboard. Tiki Soul Surfboards makes great custom display surfboards at an affordable price range. My favorite is the Classic. You can customize the boards with your names, date, and even a picture.

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