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Oceans worldwide are in serious peril due to over fishing, severely damaged habitats and pollution. Over population of mankind is destroying our greatest natural resource. Our fate depends on our life support systems, the largest being our oceans. But oceans are headed for mass extinctions unless we do something now.

The Rock The Ocean Foundation is dedicated to supporting scientific research and education, and increasing public awareness about the issues impacting the world’s oceans. The Rock The Ocean Foundation will accomplish this mission by teaming up with the most high profile musical artists and entertainers in the world, who will perform benefit concerts and events each year worldwide. Though these events, we will bring attention to the most serious issues and play an instrumental role in finding the solutions to sustaining our marine environments.

Proceeds from the Rock The Ocean benefit concerts and events, will go directly to support science, education, outreach and specific ocean conservation initiatives. We will support and partner with leading institutions, universities and other not-for-profit organizations to accomplish the goals and mission of the Foundation.

Our custom surfboards were featured at the 1st Tortuga Festival on Fort Lauderdale Beach.


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