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We only use solid wood, never plywood of any kind.
Custom Surfboard Signs for Buisness
Resturant Booth Privacy Design
Swimming pool surfboard table



Our decorative surfboard art comes in three sizes, 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6ft (all are 3/4″ thick).   All surfboards are available in either a Classic Longboard shape (round nose) or a Shreddin’ Shortboard shape (pointy nose).  They make awesome accents to bedrooms, bathrooms, tiki bars, patios, restaurants, weddings, and really anywhere you want a Hawaiian, Beach, Coastal or Surf decor.  


Our surfboard art is shaped using the same dimensions from two of our favorite surfboard companies.  Each size is cut very close to scale, keeping realistic shapes at any size.  We want our surfboard shapes to look like the real thing.  You can’t have a 5 foot surfboard only measure 11 or so inches wide.  That would be more like a ski then a surfboard.  Please keep in mind that although our shapes are in proportion, they do have a flat back that allows for easy hanging on the wall.  They have no rocker.



Here at Tiki Soul you pay for quality materials. We only use the highest quality Cypress or Bass woods and not some cheap knotty pine, laminate pine or worse yet, ply-wood. Though more expensive than those other woods I mention, Our wood choice gives our surfboard art it’s beautiful grain patterns and colors. Our surfboards will outlast one made from plywood of any kind.  Note the ugly edge on a plywood board versus the edge on ours. Plywood will also degrade when hung outdoors and start to seperate regardless of the finish. We know 1st hand as we used cabinet grade plywood when we 1st started in 2003 and the issues were terrible. Please note that stains on natural wood will have different tones and hues and may not match pictures seen here.  Wood grain and wood density can not be controlled by us. Others use wood that have lots of knots and is of poor, cheap quality.  We refuse to use cheap materials and our final product is just proof that quality in means quality out.  Our wood is always hand picked by us and absent of unsightly knots and the like.



We use a combination of airbrushing, staining and hand painting. Paints are more often applied with the airbrush.  Hand painted work will be specified when used.  We also use high quality, automotive vinyl pin-striping.  This assures the most crisp and clean lines.  Custom work is our specialty and we can create a piece for just about any occasion.  We can match colors (must supply color specifics for 100% match), add your text and photos to any of our designs our create a custom design just for you.  We do offer a mock-up service as well so you can see your design before it goes into production.  Contact us with your ideas.



After your decorative surfboard art is painted and or stained it will receive a commercial grade epoxy clear coat, much like the finishes you will see on restaurant tables and bar tops.  This gives our surfboards that beautiful glass like finish.  Our epoxy finishes are equivalent to over 60 coats of regular varnish or spar urethane. It also contains a special UV protectant that retards it from yellowing, so your surf art will look awesome inside or outside.  Our epoxy finish gives off no toxic fumes like surfboards that are varnished, it is odor free. Small imperfections in paint or finish may occur.  Small imperfections can not be avoided 100% due to the nature of epoxy.  These imperfections will in no way ruin the quality.  We will not ship surfboards with large or unsightly issues,  We will never ship an item we wouldn't hang in our our home. The back of our surfboards also receive a thin layer of sealer to protect it from the elements. This is very important for your surfboards longevity.  Again a lot of other skip this step to save on cost, yet still charge top dollar.  Backs of surfboards may have imperfection such as sanding marks, paint or tape residue, epoxy prints or other small imperfections.  Our focus is on the surfboards finish on the art side not the back.  If your boards back may be seen, please contact us before ordering so we can discuss.


All our surfboards come with hardware for the back of the surfboard.  They can be installed into the back of the surfboard very easily allowing you to hang your surfboard at an angle.  Hanging our surfboards is much like hanging a large picture frame.  You do have to supply the wall anchor for your type wall.  We only supply the hardware that attahces to the surfboard back.

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